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Huge Chicken Puppet At Festival

Occurred on December 13, 2023 / Solniki, Zabludow, Podlaskie, Poland

Info from Licensor: "Marysia - The Giant Hen. It's a 30kg bio mechanical hybrid puppet powered just by puppeteer inside. Very dynamic for this size and precise. My main goal was to reach as realistic movement as possible. Build time with all unique mechanisms took 2 years. This is how the puppet looks after over 100 shows. I'm going to upgrade this project in the close future. Idea for this size of a chicken puppet came from specific situation. Around 800m from our village in Poland we found out that somebody is planning to build one of the biggest chicken factory in Europe. As a tiny village with 32 people living in this place (with 2 international theaters hell yeah), I said that I'm really bad at fighting by using documents, but I might have an idea for a puppet which could make this problem very loud. We won by blocking investment. Art Of Notion - Lukasz Puczko."

Location Solniki, Zabludow, Podlaskie, Poland
Occurred not known
Posted By Lukasz Puczko
Posted On May-3-2024