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Willie Wagtails Watching Back

Occurred on September 21, 2022 / Currency Creek, South Australia, Australia

Info from Licensor: "I own a 40-acre rural property, called Eagle Dell, which I have totally destocked and then revegetated, over the period since 1985. I have a significant interest in the increase in biodiversity over that time. The increasing numbers of birds, animals, and reptiles, over those 37 years, have been amazing to watch and record photographically. On this day I was sitting, atop my scaffolding, recording some video of a breeding pair of Willie Wagtails building their new nest. I used my Sony RX10 Miv, to record the activity, and was surprised to see the two birds taking an interest in what I was doing. I used my iPhone XR to record a video of my camera setup, to show the location of the nest and what I could see through my camera. As you can see, in the video, one of the birds took off from the nest, as seen on the Sony screen, and landed on my camera lens. It stayed for a short while then flew off to continue nest building. It turned out to be one of those close encounters which leave a lasting impression."

Location Currency Creek, South Australia, Australia
Occurred not known
Posted By Les Leane
Posted On Oct-1-2022