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Two Mountain Lions Walk Through Yard

Occurred on January 16, 2020 / Rio Dell, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "On January 16, 2020, our cats were missing. At 9AM, I saw something go past our deck. When I looked out our living room window, two mountain lions were walking through our yard and across our driveway right by our truck. They had attacked and eaten our son's favorite cat. We discovered later that a week prior to the sighting, three large adult lions (estimated by the witness to be 175+ lbs.) were in the road at the top of our driveway. The 3 were also spotted in the backyard of a woman who lives down the road. She has young children. A female with two cubs were also seen. These mountain lions seem to be stalking our property."

Location Rio Dell, California, USA
Occurred Jan-16-2020
Posted By Richard Currier
Posted On Jan-21-2020