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12-Foot Python Eating a Goat Gets Shot by Grandpa

Occurred on June 2, 2017 / Naples, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "3 weeks ago (Mid-May) 1 young goat became missing, we found no signs and assumed it was a bobcat. Another goat became missing June 2nd 2017, so I sent my 10-year-old grandson to look for the goat on our property (approx 8 acres). He returned saying a big snake had the goat. Upon investigating further, we found a 12 and a half foot python wrapped around my goat with the goat's head inside the snake's mouth, approx 100 yards from the house. I ran in the house and grabbed the first gun I could find which happened to be a .45 Glock. After shooting it in the head the 1st time, it revived and took off and as I was shooting I realized I needed to step on it's tail to stop it. Finally the 8th shot did the trick. All this happened with me holding my phone videotaping and shooting the snake at the same time. I have lots of experience with animals and reptiles because I own a pest control/nuisance wildlife removal company since 1987, but never had to deal with anything this large. I realized later that this could have been my grandson instead of the goat."

Location Naples, FL, USA
Occurred Jun-2-2017
Posted By Scott M. Dame
Posted On Jun-13-2017