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Spider Meticulously Removes Twig From Web

Location: St. Thomas, British Virgin Islands

Info From Licensor: "We were in the Virgin Islands (the island of St Thomas) touring a plantation, when out of the corner of our eye we see this gigantic spider suspended on a web. The spider was so big and the web was so gigantic that we were a bit stunned, and didn’t think it was actually real. So, we walked over, and we threw that twig into the web (not sure PETA would look kindly upon that), and the spider darted for the twig thinking it was an animal. The spider moved so fast it was stunning. The spider grabbed the twig (which was about the time we started recording), and he quickly realized that the twig was not a protein unit.

So instantly, the spider started to use it’s legs to remove the twig from its web. With much tenacity, the spider meticulously and methodically detached the twig from the web, moving its way down the full length of the twig. Honestly, even though we were creeped the f*&% out, my friend and I were mesmerized by what the spider was doing and how calculated the spider was. That spider was determined to get that twig out of its web. But, I guess in nature, the spider couldn’t afford to have its web compromised by having objects in it; objects that might hint to pray that something is off.

At the very end my friend says “Goood job!!" - Mike Cook

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Posted By Michael Cook
Posted On Sep-1-2016