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Venomous Viper is Very Irritated

Occurred on May 14, 2018 / Converse, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "When dealing with venomous snakes, it is best to use tools designed for the safety of the animal and keeper. In this case, I was using a clear acrylic tube that allows me to safely examine the snake. The snake in the video is a variable bush viper which is a small venomous snake species from Africa. All snakes shed their skin as they grow. Typically the old skin comes off inside out like a tube sock would after a long day. This particular snake's shed broke leaving a small piece stuck on the tail. If this old skin is not removed it will begin to cut off the circulation as it grows which can result in the loss of some of the tail creating mobility issues. I was attempting to coax the snake into the tube so that i could remove the problem pieces. Obviously, he was not interested in going into the tube and was happy to show me what he thought about the situation. (For licensing and usage please contact)"

Location Converse, Texas, USA
Occurred May-14-2018
Posted By Alexander England
Posted On Jan-2-2019