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My Kitten Using His Cat Door for the First Time

Occurred on April 17, 2023 / Oslo, Norway

Info from Licensor: "Miso is a 7-month-old kitten who recently got his brand new microchip cat door installed. As he approaches the door, sensors pick up his microchip implant and the lock clicks audibly allowing him to pass. However, Miso is extremely wary, carefully prodding the plastic door with his soft paws and gently sniffing the edges where outside air is leaking in. Where exactly does the door open from? His paw suddenly pokes through the bottom part, making the door flip outward. All that's left is to squeeze through. And then, freedom! As he proudly strides off into the distance.

Location Norway, Oslo
Occurred not known
Posted By Espen Solbakken
Posted On Apr-19-2023